Top 10 syphon feed airbrushes

Syphon feed airbrush

The world of airbrushes has its own “game of thrones” and it is a well-known struggle between the siphon feed airbrushes and gravity feed airbrushes. Here, the winner is solely based on your needs, and there is no “right choice”. The main characteristic of siphon feed airbrushes is the bottle, or the container is connected to the bottom of the airbrush and a tube runs from the airbrush down the bottle. The paint is pulled up into the mixing chamber where it is atomized and sprayed. You use this type of airbrush when you have to spray a lot of paint at one time, when you want a quick cleanup. So basically quantity = siphon feed airbrush. Here are some of the recommended models.

Choose wisely! 🙂

1. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BCS Dual Action Bottle Feed Air Brush ECL 2000

Eclipse HP BCS
Eclipse HP BCS

This airbrush has a bottom-feed design and it features a 0.5 millimeter needle and nozzle combo. When you choose this design, you’ll be able to vary spray patterns via a single nozzle/needle. This airbrush is a general purpose style and it provides a high level of paint flow. In addition, it’s very versatile and dependable.

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2. NEO BCN Siphon Feed Dual Action Airbrush

NEO BCN review

This airbrush is a siphon-feed design and it needs higher air pressure in order to draw paint from the device’s bottle. It comes with a half-millimeter needle/nozzle combo which provides superior performance. This is a general-purpose airbrush which features a one-ounce bottle with a large mouth. This device will work well for those who want to utilize denser paints in order to create artistic projects.

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3. Badger Air-Brush Co 155-7 Anthem Airbrush Complete Set

Syphon feed airbrush
Badger Air-Brush Co 155-7 Anthem

This model is one of the most user friendly airbrushes ever made. The two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Anthem’s cone shaped nozzle enabling a single needle configuration to spray virtually any desired material, thus eliminating the need for fine, medium, or large needle variations. It provides balance, flawless performance, long term user comfort and is cost effective. The best choice for artist who demand vibrant color and consistent results.

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4. Iwata Eclipse (Bottom feed)

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BCS Dual Action Bottle Feed
Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BCS Dual Action Bottle Feed Air Brush ECL 2000

This model is an excellent all-purpose airbrush and a very popular one. When you require exact control of spray when putting moderate-to-heavy amounts of paint to different kinds of surfaces and to sizes of areas, this 0.5mm needle and nozzle combination airbrush is the best choice for you. Often it is used for application of premixed or heavier paints. It really does it all.

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5. Badger Crescendo 175

Badger Crescendo review
Badger Air-Brush Co 175-7 Crescendo Airbrush Set

If you are a T-Shirt artist, fine artist, fabric designer, custom automotive painter, model painter, or a taxidermist you must have this airbrush in your possession. It is comfortable to hold and has a very nice and smooth trigger action. Spray regulators and tips change easily for greater flexibility on the fly and snap-off handle allows a quick needle change and cleaning. Made by professionals for professionals.

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6. Paasche VL


Paasche VL airbrush review
Paasche VL

A classic ready to go model. The VL is double action and allows the user to achieve fine lines down to 1/32 inch and wider patterns up to 1-1/2 inches. The model also has the ability to spray heavy fluids such as textile paint, auto lacquers and enamels. Also included in the box are three available spray heads. The only airbrush that functions as both double action and single action.

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7. Thayer & Chandler OMNI 3000

Thayer & Chandler OMNI 3000 review
Thayer & Chandler OMNI 3000


This model has a unique reversible air cap guard which creates a smooth, aerodynamically rounded area at the tip/needle intersection enabling optimum air flow efficiency for the sharpest and finest lines. Besides performing well with finely ground colors, Omni airbrushes can handle heavier automotive paint with no need to change tips/needles. This truly American airbrush is ideal for hobbyists, artists, crafters, T-shirt painters, body painters, taxidermists, sign and automotive painters etc.

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8. Paasche Millennium

Paasche Millennium review
Paasche Millennium

At first glance, you will see an elegant and durable chrome-plated brass body with a red anodized aluminum cut-away handle. It features a thin barrel grip and the cut-away red anodized handle that allows quick pullback of needle mechanism to blow out clogs. For greater comfort and better control the round trigger button rolls under your finger. This airbrush has optional color cup and bottle assemblies that are available for larger volumes of paint.

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9. Badger 150


Badger 150 review
Badger 150

This model may be called the classic of the Badger branch. It has been made for a long time, with an old design, but still has a lot of users and buyers. This tells a lot. This set has three different head assemblies and needles which enable you to spray virtually any type of material. It accepts a 3/4 oz. color cup for small volume painting needs, or three larger sized jars which can be used for bigger jobs. If you are into fine painting, technical illustration, painting t-shirts, ceramics, model trains, planes, cars, and various craft projects, the classic is the answer.

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10. Badger Renegade Rage

Badger Renegade Rage review
Badger Renegade Rage

This airbrush represents a tool made only for proven elite artist. It’s highly innovative and used in extremely detailed and tight graphic applications. It is a double action, internal mix syphon feed airbrush with the most precise .33mm paint tip and a 6.5 needle point angle. For this model the paint cup is mounted under the brush and the paint is drawn up into the body of the brush as a result of air pressure differential resulting from the airflow. If you desire to elevate your skills this airbrush will provide the beauty and perfection at its prime.

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