Cake Decorating Air Compressor (With Airbrush) Full Review

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On June 27, 2014
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The set includes air brush, compressor, hose, and wrench. Includes a built in air accumulator tank to eliminate pulsation

Kopykake Enterprises creates all of their products with the objective of making life easier for cake decorators, and they have consistently provided innovative designs since 1969.  Today, the company provides a line of cake decorating products and airbrushes that provide consistent results, at affordable pricing.

Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set
Airbrush Machine for Cake Decorating

Kopykake Airmaster Airbrush Set

The Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set machine is designed to be a high quality airbrush machine that provides consistent results during all cake decorating sessions.  The unit provides constant airflow with the slightest movement of trigger, allowing for the most precise, detailed cake decorating possible.  The entire system is manufactured in California, providing made in the USA peace of mind.

What’s in the Box

Kopykake Airmaster Airbrush Set includes an oil-less piston compressor, a 5.5” airbrush, and an integrated airbrush holder for added convenience.  The entire compressor is fully enclosed in plastic, providing easier clean up.


The Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set features an Airmaster 3500 compressor system.  The unit provides a bleed control valve, adjustable spray pattern, and includes a brass, single action airbrush with purchase.

The Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set weighs in at only 10 pounds, providing an easy to use unit that takes up very little counter space.  The compressor is an oil-less, piston design, providing maintenance free use and longevity.  The unit features a bleed control valve that allows for precise air flow regulation that is perfect for fine details, or when larger spray patterns are needed.  In addition to allowing for precise lines, the control valve also ensures that there are no holes blown in lighter frostings, which maximizes your cake decorating time.  The included airbrush is a solid brass unit that features convenient air flow control via the trigger, allowing users to simply move the trigger backwards slightly to reduce airflow.  This cake decorating system is designed for use with a wide variety of decorating colors, providing consistent results due to the precise airflow controls.  Clean up requires simply spraying clear water through the unit after use to prevent clogging.

Model C3500R
Length 11.75 in
Width 9.15 in
Height 6.6 in
Weight 7.69 lb
Country Of Origin United States
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User Reviews

Users of the Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set are happy with their purchases across the board.  The small size of the unit is ideal for small spaces, and the adjustable features provide precise lines with all frostings.  The unit is designed to withstand the rigors of a high volume bakery without overheating, or losing pressure during decorating.  Even though the unit can handle professional use, it provides an easy to use decorating alternative for even novice users.  Most customers have had no issues with the compressor, other than the fact that it does move around while in use due to the vibrations.  However, this problem is easily remedied by placing a rubber mat beneath the unit.  Users also explain that customer service is an added bonus with this purchase, as they are helpful and quick to respond to any questions and concerns that are brought to their attention.


The Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set is the perfect option for those who want to airbrush cakes, without the added stress of unregulated airflow.  This unit allows for precise decorating, including those designs that require fine details, yet is fully adjustable to allow for large area coverage.  The maintenance free design provides consistent use, even under the stresses of high volume cake decorating.  If you are looking for a cake decorating airbrush system that provides all of the features required by any professional user, yet is easy enough for even beginner users, the Kopykake Airmaster airbrush set is a great option.

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