Sparmax AC27 Airbrush Compressor Review

The company Sparmax was one of the first ones to design and produce oil-less mini air compressors. With more than 30 years of experience, it offers the right compressors and airbrushes for beginners, experienced enthusiast and professionals.

The Sparmax AC27 airbrush compressor is the first out of six models in the Achieve series.

The primary thing you will notice when using it for the first time is that you have a greater control of the airflow which is followed by more feedback directly from the compressor. The product is made to be suitable for any general art, for applying airbrush makeup or doing nail art, for hobbyist as well as body art and temporary tattoos.

What’s in the box?

Airbrush air compressor Sparmax AC27 with airbrush holder
Airbrush air compressor Sparmax AC27 with airbrush holder

The product is made in two colors: black and dark orange. So, when the package comes you will get the Sparmax AC27 airbrush compressor along with two accessories: airbrush support and curly air hose.

Have in mind that the airbrush is not included in the package, so if you don’t have one, consult the airbrush buying guide and find the one that best suits your needs.

Sparmax AC27: Dimensions and Features

This airbrush compressor has the dimensions L16 x W15 x H18 cm and weighs only 6.4 lbs. (2.9kg). This makes the product very light weight and easy to store.

One of the things you notice first is the pressure adjustment knob and a pressure gauge. If the job requires different pressures for different situations, then the gauge is something you will appreciate.

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The best part is that the unit is an oil-less piston air compressor, meaning that there is zero-maintenance. Beside the built-in pressure gauge and the built-in airbrush holder you also get a 2m braided hose.

The motor itself is a 1/8 HP AC one. At an open flow you can achieve the air flow of 13 – 16 liters per minute (0.42 – 0.46 cfm).

There’s more

The present maximum pressure that you can get is 50 PSI (3.4 bar), which is more than enough. The corresponding voltage for the compressor is 220-240 V. The noise level is within the range of being normal for a compressor and is 54 db. To compare, it is like listening to the humming of a fridge. This compact unit is easy to use and suitable for complete beginners as well as professionals. It is ideal for airbrush tanning, hobbies, modelling, bakery, cosmetics and general airbrushing.

User review

I had the opportunity to use the Sparmax Inspire Tc620X and I remember this being a real pleasure for me. So, when I got the chance to test drive another Sparmax product, I can say I was glad they asked me.

When it arrived, I felt like a kid opening a birthday present! I saw online that there are made in two colors: manly black and girly orange. I hoped for the black one, and there it was.

The compressor looked very elegant. I attached my Badger airbrush and got to work. After a few hours the compressor became extremely hot!

I couldn’t believe this is happening, I was disappointed!


I called the customer service;

Sandy was on the phone and she asked me politely did I by any chance plugged the compressor into an extension cord. Shamefully, I said yes. I guess I got carried away by the happiness, that I didn’t pay attention and just plugged it in. Thanks Sandy, for pointing out my stupidity. This never happened again, well sure it gets a bit warm, but that’s quite normal.

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The compressor is very light weight and convenient. Something you get to appreciate in time. I measured the noise level myself and it was around 56 db., which is 2 db. lower than advertised. So, with a pleasant humming, it is definitely a family approved unit. Another thing I liked is the adjustable PSI and the fact I can used for different airbrushing jobs.

To be completely honest, here I got the chance to use and test a great little compressor.

It has a great price too. I am considering to buy it for my girlfriend, Christmas is coming soon and I think she will like it since she likes decorating food. Maybe this will make her Christmas a merry one.

To conclude

Sparmax company has yet again succeeded to provide you with a high-quality compressor. The Sparmax AC27 airbrush compressor is easy to use, compact, reliable and has quiet operation. It is an oil free single piston airbrush compressor with a divine pressure gauge and adjustable pressure. Besides all these amazing features, the design itself is very pleasant for the eye and the colors as well. The product is affordable and it is one of those where you can’t possibly go wrong. Quiet, good price, user friendly, lightweight, compact – it ready for you, grab it!

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