Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor Review

Over the years this company has refined and improved the performance and quality of its products. Their compressors have become popular among users worldwide. The Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor is yet another great product that offers silence and high-quality. This is an attractive option for anyone who needs efficient and automatic air compression that doesn’t interrupt other operations. The compressor has power and safety all in one place.

It can handle a wide range of applications and can be used in laboratories, electronic plotters and repair centers, for jewelry engraving, airbrushing, nail art, cosmetics, modeling, stapling and framing, even robotic and pneumatic control. Well this covers a lot of different jobs, right?!

What’s in the box?

Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor
Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor

When opening this package, you will feel like a small child at Christmas. After ripping off the box inside you will find equipped Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor with a tank, pressure regulator, built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter and a carrying handle. A sturdy compressor when all the built-in accessories.

Silentaire Super Silent DR-150: Dimensions and Features

The compressor has the following dimensions 19.6 x 18.6 x 4.6 inches and weighs 48.8 pounds (22 kilograms). It isn’t the lightest one on the market but it is fairly light weight considering the size.

The Super Silent DR-150 airbrush compressor involves 110 Volt / 60 Hz motor providing 1/5 HP. It can also range from 1/5th to 1/2 horsepower in different configurations, including the optional one 220volt/60Hz and 220volt/50Hz.

The tank has the capacity of 1 gallon, which is more than enough for any compressor user.

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There’s more

Let’s talk about the built-in accessories. We will first mention that the compressor is fully automatic. You turn it on and that’s it, it does everything on its own. You can sit back and enjoy the ride. Besides the already mentioned air tank, there is also a tank pressure gauge that shows pressure inside the tank and the outlet pressure gauge. Of course, there is also a pressure switch and a filter reducer that compliment everything nicely. There’s no surprise that it has thermal protection in order to avoid overheating. In addition, there’s the safety valve too.

The output airflow is 0.7 CFM and the operating pressure ranges from 84 to 114 PSI, maximum being the 114. Like other Silentaire models, the noise level is estimated to just 30 decibels, which equals a whisper.

The warranty is one year, but this unit will certainly last a lot longer.

User Review

I tried really hard, but there isn’t anything wrong I can say about this compressor. It cost a lot, but I would buy it all over again and wouldn’t regret it for a second. I got what I paid – the whole package. Perfect compressor with all the necessary components and even some I didn’t even think about. It blew my mind and let me elaborate why.

This compressor covered all the areas I’m currently working on. So, there’s no need to plug in another compressor to do some job. It gives steady and even pressure for the small and the big jobs. It is portable although it has 48 pounds. Luckily, I visit the gym every other day. The compressor has a nice shield that surrounds it and reminds me of a large briefcase. I feel like a businessman when I carry this thing around.


Don’t me get started on the noise level.

There is no noise!

The operation is extremely silent, I don’t even notice that it works. This is great as it allows full concentration and no distractions. The compressor doesn’t vibrate and walks around the room. I think this is due to its weight.

If you wondered about the pressure regulator, moisture trap and in-line gauge, well they are all here. Present to make your life easier and prolong the life cycle of the compressor. I tried with the maximum pressure of 114 PSI and still it didn’t make a sound.

I could go on and on about this compressor but the point is that it is a really good one. Once in a lifetime purchase that you won’t get a chance to regret.

Sure, it’s expensive I know. But maybe it’s better to buy something like this that has a wide range of use than to buy more smaller units for different uses. I mean, this is my opinion. Nobody asked for it, but there it is.

As for this unit highly recommended!

To conclude

The Silentaire Super Silent DR-150 Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor ensures flawless operation and precise results. Extremely quiet, reliable and made for a wide range of applications. Grab your wallet or your credit card and make this purchase, it’s something you won’t regret!

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