Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor Review

About the company

Silentaire Technology is dedicated to manufacturing quiet running air compressors that are leading ones when it comes to three things: low noise level, efficiency and quality. It offers a wide range of oil free and oil lubricated silent compressors. The company is also praised to have good technical support and customer service. Silence is knocking at your door, it’s your turn to open it.

Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Review

Powerful and quiet – the perfect two words to describe Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor. It is literally so quiet that it allows you to fully concentrate on the job and don’t have any noise-related distractions.

It is suitable for two airbrushes so you can finish the job faster if you have a partner in crime. Corrosion and overheat are not an option thanks to the in-line regulator with the moisture trap. The manufacturer guarantees you long-term use as the product is made to last and be once in a lifetime purchase.

Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor photo
Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor

What’s in the box?

When a big box arrives, you will know it’s the Super Silent 20-a compressor. Inside you will find just the compressor, ready to be used right out of the box.

Silentaire Super Silent 20-a: Dimensions and Features

The compressor has the dimensions of 18.5 x 13.2 x 9 inches and weighs around 40 pounds (18 kilograms). A bit heavy but I guess you won’t carry it around too much.

The thing that is most important to have in mind is that the compressor is completely automatic. It has an in-line regulator that reduces the input pressure in one step. It completely avoids the excess amount of pressure that has a bad habit of causing damage. Moisture trap is also there to prevent high humidity and condensation to built up and maintains steady operation.

When the inner pressure is increased the safety valve opens and releases excess fluid from the tank. After finishing the job, it closes to prevent further moisture.

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There’s more

The motor is a 1/5 HP and the provided tank has the size of 0.4 gallons. Optimal operation pressure is between 55 and 85 PSI, while the maximum pressure is 85 PSI.

The output CFM is 0.7 while the operating voltage is 110 Volt / 60 Hz; 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz.

The best part is

The Silentaire Super Silent 20-a airbrush compressor is super silent with the noise level at 30 decibels. This means that it is two times quieter than a standard conversation. So, it’s safe for your hearing and it won’t annoy you while working.

User Review

Living in a noisy family really makes you appreciate silence. For me silence has no price, and although expensive, the Silentaire Super Silent 20-a airbrush compressor is the real deal. The name says it’s silent and it really is. I have to admit I had my doubts, but they all disappeared when I turned on the compressor.

I measured the noise level, and got what was advertised. Only 30 decibels! That’s like a whisper! I can really work in peace and quiet. Except when someone drops by and starts yelling about how I didn’t feed the cat etc. 

It’s really amazing when you work at the pressure of 60 PSI and you can’t hear the compressor. I also tested the maximum pressure of 85 PSI and still there was no noise. This compressor left me speechless. The airflow 0.70 CFM with an automatic pressure switch that is used for start up and shut off.


Oh, I can’t forget to mention that it can operate two airbrushes! This is great when I am working with my partner. And the best part is that we can work and talk at the same time. Noise wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

The compressor looks like a small briefcase with a very convenient handle. Still, it isn’t for carrying around that much as it is a bit heavy, around 40 pounds.

I didn’t mention the gauges, regulators, moisture trap. I think it is pretty clear that unit has everything. I mean, for that price it would be stupid not to. If you value silence like I do, this is the compressor for you. It has so many great features, basically everything you need and more. This is what you call a whole package! Expensive, but definitely worth the money given. 

To conclude

The Silentaire Super Silent 20-a Whisper Quiet Airbrush Compressor is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for powerful operation and silence at the same time. With it you can concentrate on your work, finish the job faster and don’t think about anything going wrong. This automatic compressor is made to make your life easier, just give a chance and this will be once in a lifetime purchase.

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