Senco PC1010 Compressor Review

About the Company

Senco is manly a company that produces fasteners for residential, industrial and construction markets, but yet has managed to put a few high-quality compressors in its offer. It was established in 1948 with headquarters located in Ohio. As of recently this is a subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation. It is one of the leading companies known for its excellent products and quality. Well, enough about them, let’s check out the product.

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor

The Senco PC1010 is a quiet and light lube less pump compressor.

It is designed by Senco with the purpose to finish and trim work as well as for variety of crafts and hobbies. In most cases it is used to operate pneumatic power tools, where it does the job perfectly.

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor

The compressor is a 1 HP one and has high performance and provides ample pressure for all types of jobs. The 1-gallon tank is made of aluminum and the pipe fittings are brass ones. The only plastic thing on the compressor is the knob for adjusting the air output on the regulator.

What’s in the box?

With this package it’s pretty simple, you get what you asked: one Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor. A large box but a worthy one.

Senco PC1010: Dimensions and Features

This product dimensions are L14 x H13 x W10 inches and it weighs around 20 pounds (9 kilograms). Most users are man, so for them this is pretty light.

Efficient operation is guaranteed by the direct drive induction motor and pump. The oil-less motor has the peak capacity of 1HP and 0.5 HP when running.

The aluminum made tank capacity is 1 gallon and thanks to it, the compressor gives a steady airflow. Output pressure is regulated with individual tank gauges, which is a nice feature to have. Another one is the lube-less pump and the recovery time that is estimated at around 35 seconds.

Senco PC1010 specifications

There’s more

When empty or at 0 PSI, it takes around 2 minutes to pump back up to 120 PSI. The air consumption at 40 PSI (SCFM) is 1 and at 90 PSI (SCFM) is 0.7. Maximum operating pressure is 125 PSI and the noise level is 68 decibels.

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the compressor has soft rubber feet and a drain valve at the bottom of the tank. And I can’t possible forget another great feature: the dual pressure gauges that let you monitor internal and output pressures. The compressor is CSA approved and comes with a 1-year warranty.

User Review

I bought some things from Senco before and I must say I was always satisfied with the purchase. I was surprised to see they produce compressors as well. Recently, I got the opportunity to test one myself, so let me tell you the good and the bad.

When I saw it, I thought this would be a vibration and noise session for me. To my surprise it wasn’t so bad! I measured the noise level and it was around 66 decibels, less noisy than a dishwasher – a well-known sound.

Although people use it with various nail guns it also fits my Iwata airbrush perfectly. Motor recovery time is just 32 seconds, which is a surprise here. Honestly, I thought it would be longer. The pressure it achieved during the usage is 135 PSI even tough it is said the maximum is 125 PSI. A big applause to Senco!

The unit itself is quite lightweight so you can carry it around with ease. And this saves you the trouble of getting a long hose.

The construction of the compressor seems like a good quality one and the overall design is great too. A little advice, when not in use, just open and drain the petcock to prevent the moisture buildup. The pressure regulator works just fine and the compressor itself handles pneumatic tools with such ease.

If you hear the air hissing, there is a possible leak. This is something quite common with air compressors, so just grab a tape and the issue is solved.

Overall, Senco has made a pretty decent and reliable compressor. It’s easy to use, relatively quiet and can handle power tools as well as airbrushes.

Yet again, Senco hasn’t let me down and I am completely satisfied with this unit. When one of my old compressors dies, my choice will certainly be this product. Highly recommended!

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To conclude

If you are in a hunt for a portable and yet powerful air compressor, the recommended solution is the Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor. It’s made for hobbies, crafts, airbrushing, inflation or nailing. A versatile unit that would make a nice addition to your collection. Now you must think this is way expensive. But, check out the price. I think you will be shocked.

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