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On June 25, 2014
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Fully automatic, most compact twin cylinder model.

The Sparmax company is dedicated to creating the most efficient and powerful compressors in the world.  The Sparmax compressors are oil-less, and provide maintenance free performance over a wide variety of applications, allowing users to have high quality, durable compressors that are known for their reliability.


Sparmax TC 2000 Stormforce Compressor

The Sparmax TC 2000 Stormforce Compressor is designed to provide maintenance free usability, as well as fully automatic functionality that provides a much longer motor life.  This unit is compact, yet still provides twin cylinder power for optimal PSI.  TC 2000 is designed and manufactured in central Taiwan, in one of two factories owned by the DHCL Group, but all fittings and electrical plug-ins are designed specifically for standard US voltages

What’s in the Box?

Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor
Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor

The Sparmax TC2000 includes a pressure regulator, moisture trap with a 10’ curling airline, and a 10’ black, braided airbrush line.  The unit also comes with adapters that are designed to fit most major airbrush brands so that the unit can be used right out of the box.  The unit also includes a table mount for holding up to two airbrushes, and a double tap fitting for attaching two brushes at one time.


The Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor is fully automatic, and includes a pressure regulator, moisture trap, a curly 10 foot airline for removing moisture, a 10 foot airbrush line, and includes adaptors that allow compatibility with all major airbrush brands currently available.

The TC2000 is designed to be fully automatic, which means that it only runs when the air is actually being used, such as when the trigger is engaged on the airbrush.  This results in considerably less wear and tear on the motor to provide longer life.  Coming in at only 13 pounds, and measuring 10x6x10 inches, this compressor is compact for ease of use and transportation.  The moisture trap on this unit is actually a separate component of the compressor, which provides superior moisture removal.  The included moisture filter provides exceptional moisture filtration, which eliminates the chances of moisture coming out of the sprayer during use. This compressor also features built in safety valves, cooling ducts, and automatic shutoff, which all provide a safer user experience.

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Motor 1/6 HP AC
Type Automatic
Preset 40psi on/60psi off
Airflow 23~25 lpm
Weight 4.8 kgs / 10.6 lbs
Size L26 x W15 x H17 cm


User Reviews

Customers who have used tc2000 have praised it for its high quality, and expert craftsmanship.  Users report that the unit’s automatic function allows for correct pressure throughout a session, without any loss or pulsations when the unit cycles on and off.  The compressor is also exceptionally quiet, allowing it to be used in small spaces without disturbing others.  There were a few users who received broken units, but these situations were remedied quickly by customer service.


Overall, the Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor is a reliable, high quality compressor that comes with plenty of extras.  The included regulator and moisture trap help to ensure consistent quality throughout airbrushing sessions, with no variations in pressure from start to finish.  The fact that the compressor also includes adapters that fit most major airbrushes ensures that most users are able to use the unit without any additional purchases.  The automatic shutoff feature of the TC2000 provides much less wear and tear on the motor of the unit, which provides a much better likelihood of longevity overall.  Sparmax is known as a quality provider of reliable equipment, and this unit is a great example of the quality, reliability, and affordability that is synonymous with this company.  If you are looking for an air compressor that comes complete, and provides safety features to protect the motor itself, the Sparmax TC2000 is a great option.

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