Review: PointZero Airbrush Air Compressor Twin Piston w/Tank 1/3 HP

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On July 8, 2015
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PointZero Airbrush

PointZero Airbrush are a family owned American company that create and distributes airbrushing tools. Their company motto is “Airbrush Supplies for All” and their aim is to bring the techniques and expertise of big industry into the home, giving a whole new meaning to DIY and transforming imagination into reality, whilst upholding the core values of a small business providing a personal and trustworthy service to their customers.

Purpose of Model

This twin-cylinder airbrush compressor is designed to accommodate all airbrushing needs, from war gaming figures and model tanks to food decorating and body and nail art. All PointZero Airbrush components are manufactured to the highest standards in the same factories across the world that some of the biggest airbrush companies use. These components are then expertly examined and put together in the PointZero factory in Florida. This particular product features an air tank that perfects the issues of excessive pressure pulsations that are often found in tank less compressors which creates a smooth output resulting in a perfect finish. Also, this product is really created with the user in mind, it has managed to combine expert engineering with clever ergonomics, arriving equipped with an easy carry handle as well as rubber feet that will protect the work surface.

What’s in the Box?

Along with the airbrush compressor itself you will also receive a grounded 120 volt power cord and operating manual, as well as the PointZero 30 day money back guarantee.



The features and benefits of this product are extensive, with each component designed to provide precision and ease to the user.

  • The precision-forger pistons deliver some seriously impressive horse power without the noise that you would expect from other products. The noise level actually comes in at a tiny 59db.
  • Clean dry air is delivered with ease with the help of the sensitive diaphragm regulator with integrated water-trap and pressure gauge.
  • The product also comes with dual operating modes. In the primary position, once the pressure reaches 60psi it will cycle off until the pressure lowers to 40psi and then the unit will restart. In the secondary position the compressor will run constantly and the maximum output is 100psi.
  • The power saving features prevents the motor from wearing but still provides enough pressure to operate most airbrushes.
  • The air tank holds a massive 1 gallon of air which reduces the number of run cycles needed.
  • The tank also comes with a threaded drain plug plus a pressure release valve. This allows the user to get rid of any accumulated water safely and easily.
  • Because of the oil less design, this compressor really is suitable for all airbrushing applications.
  • The product is also Maintenance free, CE certified and thermally protected.

Dimensions and Specific Features

This product comes in at a weight of approximately 17 pounds, so it’s not too heavy for regular use. It is 13 inches long, 5 inches wide and 12 inches tall. The air delivery of this compressor is approximated at 1.3 CFM. Also, the connection is a 1/8 inch BSP male outlet.

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Customer Reviews

“I required a compressor for my aircraft modelling needs. Because of the constant airstream without the horrible pulsating that tank less compressors come with this unit suits my needs perfectly, and I would definitely recommend to any other model building hobbyists.”

pointzero compressor experiences

“When I purchased this model for makeup and body paint airbrushing I was blown away by how good it was. Makeup airbrushing requires really low pressures and so in the primary position mode the unit only actually came on a handful of times over a good few hours. My only gripe with this product is that it didn’t match my standard size hose, however that problem was easily solved and it is definitely worth it.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this product is the perfect compressor for both beginners and professionals. Purchasing from a small family owned company provides more security that you may get elsewhere. The expert design combines ease with expertise and is suitable for all airbrushing pursuits. The elimination of noise is one of the biggest pros with this product, so you can use it at home without waking the kids. The only real con is that the connection may not be compatible with standard hoses, however this problem can be easily solved.



Daniel C.

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  1. This compressor is NOT made in the United States. In addition, there is absolutely no instruction manual (of value) within the box. There is a one page sheet of paper with general instructions on how to care for the compressor. There is nothing on how to use the compressor, how to adjust the gauges, etc. In addition, although the compressor is relatively quiet, it goes off constantly, but doesn’t perform he simple function of painting! No matter what I do to adjust the knobs, the paint does not come out of the airbrush. I would not recommend this product. It may have been made in the USA at one time, but now it is made in China and has serious quality control issues.

  2. I have the same the problem as above, I bought this airbrush paint kit as it stated it was a beginner kit. I read the reviews after. I was in an accident so I didn’t actually open the box until yesterday. There are no manuals what so ever in the kit. It did have a piece of paper where you could download a manual but none of there websites work either in fact most of them have been removed from the net. I tried to call the company and the phone states, “It is no longer a working number. Since it has been past the 30 days. I can get no help from eBay. if you are not an expert with an air brush gun do not buy this gun. It is a piece of junk to try to figure out. My only hope is that paypay will help.
    Bader than bad review from me.
    Dana Franklin
    bought it off ebay

  3. I got the three airbrush kit last week (for modeling). For the price expected complete junk but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the brushes. The complaint about no booklet is valid…haven’t tried the website. However there are many vids on how to care for an airbrush….so no real problem for me. I expected to have to upgrade very soon….but see myself using these for some time. Great detail with the two I tried…far better than I was expecting. Again…little in the way of documentation…but with a mechanical background found the general airbrush care videos more than enough. Like I said….I have a tech background so understand the fact that CLEANING is key to good results with these type of tools. I would recommend the three brush Amazon deal for anyone new to airbrushes. very happy with what I received.


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