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On February 27, 2016
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Mr. Manufacturer

After a little trouble and deep searching I have managed to find out the manufacturer of this popular airbrush model. Namely, we are talking about a Chinese company (which is no surprise) called Haosheng. This is one professional manufacturer, specializing in oil-free and low-noise mini air compressors, airbrush kits and accessories products. Through the last 15 years, Haosheng has developed into a company with departments of research & development, manufacturing, quality control, marketing & sales and creative. It has dedicated itself to be an innovative leader in the mini air compressor field in China and has become the most popular choice of many professional users throughout the world. Beside all these positive sides, it also offers the amazing 5 year warranty! Customer support is available via skype and email. A good voice and fair prices follow their products, so if you are in doubt, don’t be anymore.

Master of Airbrushes – Master TC40T

master tc40t review
Master tc40t compressor

This model has the ability to run much longer without overheating and because of this it is intended for a serious airbrusher. This piece of advanced technology has a single-piston compressor with a built-in cooling fan and a longer duty cycle. The master of airbrushes also has air-on-demand function and an air storage tank which allows it to be delivered with constant pressure and zero pulsation. And the already mentioned 5 year warranty guaranties you good quality and reliability.

What’s inside the box?

When your package arrives, and you rip it open, inside you will find a single-piston air compressor with 3 liter air tank, two holders, one air pressure regulator, a gauge, a water trap filter and an 6’ braided air hose with 1/8” end. Basically everything that one airbrush artist needs to get the magic started.

Airbrush features

Master airbrush has the strength of 1/6 horsepower and deliver high air volume which equals 0.8cmf and air flow of 23 liters per minute. The model has a built-in fan which keeps the compressor motor cool while you are using it. This makes it suitable for longer continuous running without overheating and longer service life. One of the great things about it is that it’s lightweight and easy to carry with a built in handle. True diaphragm pressure regulator with gauge and water trap filter that provides precise adjustment of airflow and will ensure clean, dry air. It also has automatic on (when air pressure reaches 43 psi) and shut off (when air pressure reaches 57 psi). When you are working with it, it produces full-capacity on demand and automatically shuts down when not in use. It offers you a quiet operation and is thermally protected (turns off if the unit becomes overheated). If you are in any doubt consult our buying guide.

Dimensions and specifications

When talking about dimensions they are 12.2″ h x 5.3″ w x 12.2″ l with a total weight of 11.5 lbs. It has a 3 liter air tank with air delivery of 23 ltrs/minute and the voltage between 110 and 120v. The working pressure is between 15 and 45 psi with the abovementioned auto stop and auto start. The maximum pressure is 57 psi and without preset control 100 psi.

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When I bought this compressor my first impression was that it was incredible for the spent money. It is in fact extremely quiet, quietest compressor I have ever used. My cats purrs louder than this thing! The air tank is the best feature. The compressor turns on fills the tank to a certain psi, and then shuts off leaving you with silence to work. And when the pressure dips below a certain point, the compressor turns back on and fills the tank. If you spraying your brush at 30-20 psi, which can be regulated quite well with the regulator, the tank will never dip below that psi unless you hold the nozzle down solid for 3 minutes or so. And what is most important I don’t have to worry about running out of air and having to purchase another can of expensive air. I warmly recommend it!

Harold N.

tc40t compressor

Final verdict

Master airbrush is really one high quality model. It is practical, easy to carry around, has enough horsepower and an air tank which will not give you trouble. One of its best qualities is that it is quiet and cheap. After all this pros, I have to mention the cons. The only thing which you need to check before using is if it is assembled properly, and if all the screws are tighten. You can only purchase it online, and have in mind that a lot can happen in transport.

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  1. I bought one of these, partially based upon this review. I find it to be quite a bit louder than a cat purring. I also can’t get the regulator dial to turn in either direction. Is there a trick to it? There is an update listing the manufacturer and a statement that they are easy to contact and work with, but when I click the link I am unable to locate the product on their page. Do you know how to contact them?


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