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On April 19, 2015
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TCP Global Corp is a top rated company that provides quality auto body, airbrush systems and paint to suit your needs perfectly. Our Master Airbrush Model TC-828 is completely maintenance free and uses no oil. It also includes a Full 2-year warranty.

Master Airbrush Model TC-828, High-Performance Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor with Tank

The Master Airbrush Model TC-828 is a quality tool that can be used for a variety of purposes including; cake decorating, art projects and crafts, nail art, sunless tanning and automobile graphics. This is a professional model with high performance that will bring out quality workmanship. This studio grade airbrush kit is manufactured in China with the best and most reliable materials. The included air compressor is quiet and boasts 1/6 horsepower. It also delivers a High Air Volume of 1.6 CFM. The compressor is built with a twin-cylinder piston which makes this a very powerful model.

Master Airbrush Model TC-828
Master Airbrush Model TC-828


What’s in the box?

When you order the Master Airbrush Model TC-828 you will receive a free 6 inch nylon braided airbrush hose with standard fittings (will also fit models manufactured by Iwata, Master, Harder and Steenbeck and Devilbiss), and a high quality air storage tank. Also included is the air regulator, gauge and water trap filter to insure that the air is clean, dry and moving at the speed you need it to. The unit is designed to be sleek and compact for use in studios, bakeries, workshops and other areas. The unit is also lightweight and easy to move with a tough built-in handle. The unit is designed to automatically begin working when you do. Air-on-Demand will give you the full capacity of air that you need and will turn off when you are no longer using it.


The air compressor provides 46 liters of airflow per minute allowing the user to run two airbrushes at one time. The double switch system is automatic. The compressor will turn on when the air pressure reaches below 43 PSI and will automatically shut off when 57 PSI is reached. This feature will save wear and tear on the motor and won’t allow moisture to build up due to heat. The second switch will allow the compressor to reach the maximum pressure of 85 PSI. There is also a safety valve that will release automatically letting out excess air pressure. If the unit begins to overheat it will turn off automatically.

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Dimensions and specific features

This model has a constant pressure and zero pulsation feature. The air is drawn from the storage tank and provides regulated pressure on a constant basis. You will not have any problems with the pulsation of air through the unit because the air is drawn from the tank and not from the area that houses the pistons. This model also comes with a 6 foot electrical cord allowing for more movement. Specifications include Voltage of 110-120v/60hz, Dimensions of 13.4” h x 8” w x 12” I, and a weight of 13 lbs making this unit neat and always accessible.

Type High Performance 1/6 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Airbrush Compressor
Dimensions 13.4″ h x 8″ w x 12″ l;
Weight 13.0 lbs (5.9kg)
Motor power 1/6 Horsepower; Voltage: 110-120v/60hz
Max pressure Factory preset at 57 psi, without preset control 85 psi
Auto start/stop feature Auto Stop: at 57 psi; Auto Start: at 43 psi
Air control Pressure regulator with gauge & filter; Safety pressure relief valve
Working pressure 5-57 psi
Connections 1/8 in. bsp

Reviews from customers

Customers have talked about their satisfaction with the Master Airbrush Model TC-828 saying that the unit has exceeded their expectations with a sturdy design and great portability. This unit is also giving Copic systems a run for their money because of it’s ease of use. Customers have also been using their Copic pens with this unit without needing to purchase extra adapters. The sound has been described as a low hum and they have have had no problems with the pump no matter what pressure they are using. The included hose also fits different types of airbrushes including Iwata and Point Zero.

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The only complaints have been problems with defective parts. However, the units have been replaced quickly with little hassle. One customer stated that the air isn’t always steady and his unit ran hot after 10 to 20 minutes of use. Problems were also noted with the regulator being on too tight causing it to turn upside down.

In Summary

This unit, overall, is a great product and is reasonably priced. It is easy to handle and easy to move when you need to move it. It takes up very little space and is powerful and quiet. This unit is just right for people who craft and paint on a regular basis. This unit would be great for beginners as well.

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