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On October 3, 2017
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Master Airbrush High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor
Master Airbrush High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor with Filter, Black Air Hose & Dual-brush Holder

When it comes to airbrush compressors the brand name Master is usually a number one choice because of its reliability and sturdiness. The new Master Airbrush High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor is no less than its predecessors and definitely lives up to the name. This is a high-performance, lightweight 1/5 horsepower oil free single-piston airbrush air compressor recommended for beginners, considering it is easily portable and switches off when overheated and comes with a water trap filter, and it is a perfect choice for smaller jobs. Another reason to be the beginners’ choice is that the machine is quiet. From this you can already have a pretty picture about this device, but here is some basic information:

The compressor

  • Is lightweight and easily portable thanks to the carrying handle.
  • Has a very good thermal overload protection: an automatic on/off switch that activates
    when overheated
  • Has a True Diaphragm Air Pressure Regulator with Gauge and Filter for Dry Air with
    Precise Airflow Control
  • Has a pressure regulator with a water trap filter
  • The tank keeps up very well 20 PSI pressure while the maximum PSI pressure is around
    40; it turns off automatically when it reaches a high pressure and turns on again when
    the pressure drops
  • Is Maintenance Free: has an oil-less piston motor
  • Makes little noise: it is a quiet machine that works at around 59 dB.
  • A reliable machine with a 2-year warranty
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What’s in the box?

In the box you will find the TC-20- H6-B 1/5 horsepower Oil-Free single-piston High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor with Filter by Master Airbrush, a 3.6ft (115.82cm) long Braided Black Air Hose and a Dual-brush Holder. It is also recommended to get the Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16 Oz.) alongside your machine. You also get 2 instruction booklets.

Dimensions and specific features

The product dimensions are 12.7″ h x 6.9″ w x 14.8″ inches (275x140x200mm) and it is very light weighing 9.2 pounds (3.6kg). It has the horsepower of 1/5 and delivers high air flow (20-23 liters per minute). The motor is a single-piston one and it is maintenance free, oil-less and pretty quiet at 59 dB. It also comes with an air tank. The pressure is constant and it has no pulsation since the air comes from the tank which eliminates any pulsation effect from the
pistons. Working pressure: 14.5-58 psi (0-4 bar); The device has a pressure regulator. It stops automatically at higher pressure and starts again when the pressure drops.

It also has a water trap filter keeping the air dry and clean and an Air and Water release.

Pros and cons


  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Automatic on/off button if overheats – Thermally protected
  • Automatic on/off button if pressure is too high
  • Constant Pressure and Zero Pulsation
  • Single Piston Motor
  • Easy to use device
  • Various uses
  • Instruction booklets
  • Air Hose and a Dual-brush holder
  • Full 2 year warranty


  • It doesn’t come with instructions on how to install the airbrush holder; but it is not too
    hard to learn

Review and final verdict

The new model has proven to be a very useful tool and comes with a lot of features! For example the automatic off/on shutoff in case it gets overheated as well as its portability. The device is light and comes with a carrying handle making it easy to walk around with. Never mind the weight, it is a powerful machine that works at 1/5 horsepower. Another feature is the water trap filter that keeps the air clean and dry. Don’t worry about working in the morning or late at night since the device is quiet so you won’t wake up anyone living close to you.
The machine is proven to be very useful for people inexperienced in airbrushing. Its silence, light weight and easy to use features are perfect for doing smaller jobs. A powerful device that does the job for you. It has already pleased a decent number of costumers. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use until I tried it out!

The Master Airbrush High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor comes with a 2-year warranty at a fair price.

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