REVIEW – Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 Airbrush, AC1810-A Compressor

About the company

Grex Power Tools is a quickly expending company that produces state of the art fastening systems, pneumatic powered hand tools and precision metal working tools. They make their products with the customer in mind and offer high quality and professional design. The company distributes products all around the world including Europe. Grex Power Tools take pride in the number of satisfied customers and the constant improvement of their products. Sounds like a company you want to work for or buy from, right?!

Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 Airbrush, AC1810-A Compressor

The Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit gives you everything you need to setup a perfect airbrushing system. It comes with a Grex Tritium TG3 Airbrush and the powerful AC1810-A Compressor.

Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 Airbrush, AC1810-A
Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit

These two products combined are a perfect match that gives great performance, versatility and reliability. It is used by serious airbrush users but is also suitable for complete beginners thanks to the very helpful instructional DVD. It can be used for any type of hobby, for modelling and even large-scale jobs. 

What’s in the box?

This is called the combo kit for a reason; it contains everything you need and more for a smooth operation.

Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit review

So, in the box you will find:

  • the Grex Tritium TG3 airbursh,
  • the Grex AC1810-A Mini Compressor,
  • the Grex G-MAC, a GBH-06 – 6′ Braided Nylon Air Hose, 2mL, 7mL and 15mL Top Gravity Cups,
  • Airbrush Color, How-To Airbrush DVD and an Airbrush Carrying Case.

This is called a full package, wouldn’t you agree?

Dimensions and features

This compressor has the dimensions of 12.2 x 10.8 x 10.1 inches and weighs 5.9 pounds. You are also provided with a 6-year Limited Warranty on the airbrush and 1-year Limited Warranty on the compressor.

The compressor is oil-less, so the maintenance operation is low. The design is compact and has high performance for demanding professionals.

It has a lock regulator, which sets and locks the adjusted settings and prevents them from changing. Of course, it has a built-in pressure gauge and a moisture trap. It features a power saving mode, where it automatically shuts off when not in use.

The Standard 1/8” fittings are there for interchangeability of hoses and airbrushes. It offers the flow of 20 liters per minute and has the maximum pressure of 60 PSI (4.1 bar). The noise level is fairly quiet and is measured to be 55 decibels.

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The best part is

The Tritium TG3 airbrush is a top gravity feed airbrush that is designed to provide optimal paint flow at any angle. The gravity cups are detachable so you can choose the size which corresponds the project. The trigger system and the grip are very comfortable and offer fine control of the airbrush.

It also features the pre-set adjustment knob that helps set the limit of paint volume. Another great thing is the option of changing the nozzles/needles accordingly.

There’s more

A nice touch is also the Grex G-MAC control valve that gives unlimited precise control of airflow right at your fingertips. Besides this you also get a premium branded nylon air hose as well as eco-friendly, premium grade water-based airbrush colors.

Grex went a bit further and also provided you with a convenient airbrush carrying case. Thank you Grex!

User review

I was visiting some relatives in Canada and my cousin Daniel is also into airbrushing like I am. He immediately showed me his airbrushing tool and I must say I was shocked because I saw the most beautiful tool made in Heaven. It was the green Grex GCK03 and comparing to the one I got at home, this looked like the Hulk.

All the sudden I was happy that I am staying there for a whole month. And a beautiful month it was. I had the chance to use the Grex every day and here’s what I have to say.

The hand held airbrush felt strange in my hand, but I got used to it and I can say that it’s very comfortable.

It is easy to operate

and has a very consistent and even spray pattern. I felt like a kid playing with a brand-new toy.

The compressor itself is very stylish and lightweight. I carried it around with no problem. A nice touch is the automatic shut-off which goes on when your aunt comes in and starts talking about her problems and you can’t continue your work.

No need to mention that it has a pressure gauge and a moisture trap – for the money given this is a must have.  

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I was curious and also checked out the manual. It’s very straightforward and has a diagram on how to choose the right amount of air pressure and how do dual action brushes work. So, very beginner friendly and made for anyone basically.


The noise level is around 55, 56 decibels which allowed me to works in peace and quiet, except for the occasional drop by from my aunt.

Loved the airbrush, loved the compressor, loved the carrying case. Elegant, reliable, sturdy and easy to use. I sincerely hope that my girlfriend reads this, it would help her a lot with the purchase of a birthday present for me.

To conclude

The Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 Airbrush, AC1810-A Compressor is pricy but definitely worth the money. It has everything you need to star airbrushing and more. Reliable, sturdy, high-quality, versatile. If you have the money, don’t hesitate, this is once in a lifetime purchase. 

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