Review: Fuji Mini Tan M Model System

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On February 13, 2019
Last modified:July 23, 2020


A full review of the Fuji Mini Tan M Model System for airbrush tanning.

This article will give a full review of the Fuji Mini Tan M Model System – the best airbrush tanning system for mobile tanners. Now, let’s see why is the most appropriate one for mobile tanning.

Fuji Mini Tan M Model System
Fuji Mini Tan M Model System

What you can notice with the first usage is that this airbrush tanning system is the perfect combination of the smallest and most powerful unit. The miniTAN PLATINUM Turbine is run by a 2-stage motor that is balanced especially for the spray tanning industry. The case is metal and it features a strong textured finish. The unit will satisfy all of your spray tanning requirements from small occasional touch-ups to long sessions.

But that’s not all

The turbine has a reset safety switch and preinstalled replaceable and washable air filters. And if you need to lay your Applicator to rest when not in use, you are provided with a gun holder bracket. How cool is that?!

Fuji Spray has also solved the problem of overheating by creating a Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case. It removes any heat which the turbine case creates by dissipating it evenly through the optimum surface area with 60 holes. Cooler running system leads to a longer turbine lifespan.

There’s more

The Filters are housed by the Noise Reduction Covers and therefore the noise from the turbines is reduced significantly. Another thing that benefits optimum performance is the air which is drawn through a large rear aperture and specially made “finger slots”. The TAN7350 is a professional bleed style applicator which has an adjustable pattern control knob that changes the fan pattern from wide to narrow in no time. In addition, the nozzle and the needle are both made out of stainless steel.

Turbine dimensions are 11″ x 8.6″ x 8.1″, while the metric dimensions are 28 x 22 x 21cm. The unit weighs 14.4 pounds (6.5 kg) and has 2-year warranty.

Fuji Mini Tan M Model System: What’s in the box?

In the package you will find a Fuji MiniTan platinum Turbine, TAN7350 Applicator with 250cc Cup (holds 8oz of solution), a heat dissipation box, a 10 feet Hi-Flex hose, a convenient applicator holder on the turbine, user manual, wrench, and cleaning brush. Basically, everything you need is there.

The Pros

  • Quiet operation
  • Long-life turbine
  • Portable
  • Ideal for mobile usage
  • Small unit
  • Durable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Natural looking tan
  • For beginners and professionals
  • For salon and mobile usage

The Cons

  • A bit expensive.

Users say

“This is a top-quality product. I’ve searched high and low and I happened to stumble upon this. Fuji manufacturers spray guns and turbines strictly. Unlike competitors which I’m sure just have someone make equipment to put their name on it. As for the complaints, the overspray is user error adjust your gun properly or buy a different one. Secondly about the noise it compares to a quiet vacuum. You can’t avoid it but conversations can easily be held while it operates. If I ever buy I salon I will gladly purchase its big brother! Would 10/10 recommend to anyone just starting or even an established company”

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To Conclude

The Fuji Mini Tan M Model System is the best one for mobile usage due to its size and lightweight. It has the strength and the durability to meet high demands of a spa and at the same time satisfy the needs of a on-the-go tanner. Practical, with a strong turbine and a cooling system that guarantees long life span. A worthy investment for any tanning technician.

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