Paasche DC850R Airbrush Compressor Review

The Paasche DC850R Airbrush Compressor is made in USA. Another superb Paasche product that can run up to four airbrushes at the same time. The compressor is, of course, oil free and has a rust aluminum 1.6-gallon tank. I have to add that this is one of the quieter models available on the current market. If you are in need for power and quiet operation then this is the compressor for you. Suitable for professionals as well as beginners and for any type of hobby, crafts, inflating, or other small or big jobs.

Paasche DC850R Airbrush Compressor: What’s in the box?

In this Paasche package you will get a DC850R 3/4 Horsepower Air Compressor with moisture trap, two hose hookups, pressure gauge, regulator, carrying handle and, of course the instructions. The instructions are very detailed and can help you if you are total beginner. If you’re a professional, well then you have everything under control.

Paasche DC850R Airbrush Compressor
Paasche DC850R Compressor

Dimensions and Features

The compressor has the dimensions of: length 17″ (432mm), width 14″ (356mm), height 13″ (330mm) and weighs around 40 pounds (18 kilograms). Well this is a big and heavy compressor. It’s not advisable to carry it around a lot. Save you hands and back the trouble.

The maximum operating pressure for this compressor is about 90 PSI depending on the airbrush used. If you are using spray guns like the HG-08 and LMG-10 you then have the perfect combination for smaller touch ups. Besides the compressor, you also get two air hookups with a quick connect and quick adapter fittings.

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The best part is

  • This large compressor has the ability to run up to four airbrushes at the same time.
  • The aluminum air tank has a ball drain valve that is very easy to use.
  • The motor itself is a 3/4 HP dual piston and has a regulator and a moisture trap. The pressure gauge is located on the tank while the regulator is used for outgoing air. At 40 PSI there is 2.4 CFM and at 90 PSI 1.5 CFM.

Another great thing is the thermal overload protection which does not allow the compressor to overheat.

The compressor can provide the maximum pressure of 100 PSI, which is quite powerful. The noise level while working is 58 decibels and is fairly quiet considering that this is a big and sturdy unit. A silent giant I would say.

User Review

I have used and tested many Paasche models, but when my neighbor Andy bought this one, I wanted to give it a go. He called me up to help him set up he unit and make sure everything is adjusted accordingly. He doesn’t have much airbrushing experience and bought this compressor so that he wouldn’t borrow mine once in a while. So, I guess I had the chance to test it first and here are my impressions.

This is one monster machine. Heavy too, more than 40 pounds definitely. So, there’s no carrying it around, it stays where you left it.

The tank is really the best part about it, since it makes the on and off cycles not so frequent and of course gives a steady airflow. God knows I don’t like making mistakes while I’m airbrushing. A few times when that happened, well the compressor suffered. The tank also refills automatically.


The pressure regulator is always something to look forward to. You simply adjust the PSI and off you go. I airbrush daily at 15 to 20 PSI and this unit has more than enough capacity for this session. Fits my needs perfectly.

The pressure control knob, gauges and hose connections are all located on the top which is very convenient. The compressor has a carrying handle, but you have to be a really strong person to carry it around frequently. For me, it’s best to stay put.

Oh, and the thing that my neighbor Andy liked the most is the noise level. Being a big and heavy compressor, you would expect noise. However, it operates quietly and he can work while the wife and kids are asleep.

The Paasche Airbrush DC850R Compressor

Andy is now ready to use it, and I enjoyed testing its limits. Another good purchase from Paasche. Reliable, good construction, low noise level and ready to be used right from the box. Although Andy didn’t consult me, I must say he made a good decision!

To conclude

Paasche made a good and reliable compressor. The Paasche Airbrush DC850R Compressor is yet again made the top charts and is one of the popular models you would have the chance to encounter while considering which compressor is the right fit for you. If you like everything you read maybe it’s time to try it by yourself. There is really a low chance that you won’t like what you bought. Have no fear, just give it a go!

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