Best tanning kit: Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP

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On December 20, 2018
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A full review of the best airbrush tanning kit Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP

The Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP is an airbrush tanning kit that is considered to be the best and the most popular among the users. This popularity says it all, since the users are the ones who are the most honest critics.

This article will present and review this airbrush tanning kit and make you see why is it given the title of Popularity.

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT
Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP offers everything you need to start tanning right away. It is easy to use and the performance of over ten tans a day makes it suitable for home or light salon usage.

It has a powerful single stage turbine with a 300watt motor and a spray gun flow adjustments and horizontal and vertical pattern as well as a non-stick needle for virtually clog free operation.

In addition, the Soft Touch Fine Mist provides the ultimate professional level finish.

The best part is

The spray gun has a German engineered spay nozzle which contributes greatly to the quality of the gun itself. With the weight of only 5 pounds it is very mobile and includes a 6.5 feet hose.

You are also provided with three spay tanning solutions, that can be used with a professional solution of any brand, and are suitable for a variety of skin types. In addition, this unit has CE, EU, ECAL Certifications.

Let’s talk about the Tanning Tent

Extra strength is provided to the tent with double stitched nylon and the vinyl windows are at shoulder height allowing maximum room light and maintain client privacy.

The floor is leak proof stain resistant and the Velcro sealed rear extraction fan opening spares you from the trouble of getting a broken zip.

The tent entry opening is 6 ½  feet high and nearly the complete width of the tent, 4 feet which makes it suitable even for the tallest clients. The overall size is 4x4x7.

About the cups

The three cups have a unique design and feature a conical solution reservoir. All the solution in the cup is forced to the center dip which allows flexibility in movement range while tanning. Stability is also provided by the extra wide base.

What’s in the box?

With this purchase you will receive a Spray Gun, a Professional Style Heavy Fabric Tent with an oversized carry bag, Tampa Bay Ten Spray Tanning products that are 100% vegan, a detailed instruction manual and a spare part kit that includes: a spare spray gun cup gasket, an extra solution pickup tube, a spare spray gun nozzle gasket and a spare turbine filter.

A USA based Maximist Tech Support is also there to resolve any issue.

The Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy usage
  • Professional style heavy fabric
  • Possibility of using it for more than 10 applications a day
  • 2-year warranty
  • Perfect home unit
  • Spare parts included in the package

The Cons

  • Not suitable for heavy salon use

To Conclude

Effective and useful airbrush tanning kit made for home and lite professional usage. You will be happy with the durability, mobility and the performance and your tan will last for weeks if you take good care of it.

The setting of the unit is extremely easy and the assembling of the airbrush machine can be done with little to no effort at all. Stylish, easy and efficient. Now you understand why is it the most popular one among the user.

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