Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor Review

Master is a well-known manufacturer of airbrushing systems, so there’s nothing new we can say about it. Based on our experience and the experience of other users, Master makes high-quality products.

The Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor is designed specifically for serious airbrushing as it has the ability to run for a long period of time, without overheating.

This twin piston compressor has built-in cooling fans which contribute the longer duty cycle. It is made for total beginners as well as professionals. Most often it is used for hobbies, nail art, crafts, tanning, cake decorating and temporary tattoos. It can easily operate low CFM air tools, spray guns and airbrush stations.

What’s in the box?

What you ordered is what you get: A Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston air compressor with extra large storage tank – Model TC-96T and a 6 feet braided hose. Two things that will make your life easier.

The Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor

Dimensions and Features

This air compressor has the dimensions 18.2″ h x 5.4″ w x 12.2″ l and it weighs 17 pounds (7.7 kilograms). These features make it lightweight, compact and easy to carry with the built-in handles.

The air compressor has a powerful 1/4 HP motor and delivers a relatively high air volume (1.4 cfm) and the maximum of 40 liters per minute of airflow. This allows for two airbrushes to operate with ease. Clean and dry air are ensured by the pressure regulator with gauge and the water trap filter that provide precise airflow. A nice little detail is also the built-in fan that cools down the motor while in use. This and the premium rotor windings on the motor ensure a longer duty cycle.


The best part is

The automatic on/off that has a double switch: first switch position is used when the tank pressure reaches below 43 PSI and the auto turn off is activated at 57 PSI. This provides less motor wear and less heat-related moisture. The second switch allows the reaching of the maximum of 86 PSI following the Automatic Safety Release Valve that releases the excess pressure. The recommended working pressure is between 5-57 PSI.

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There’s more

The pressure is constant and regulated as it is drawn from the 1.5-gallon air tank. The compressor can produce a full-capacity air on demand and shuts off automatically when not in use.

Overheating is not an option, as the compressor is set to automatically shut off when in risk of getting hot. Needless to say, that the motor is oil-less and therefore maintenance free.


The advertised noise level is 62 decibels which is fairly quiet. The compressor has a CE certificate and a 5-year warranty.

User Review

First, I must admit that I am a true Master fan. So, I was extremely happy when Rose from sales called and asked me if I could review the Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor. Of course, I said yes and the next the Master arrived. It reminded me of my Master Airbrush TC40T compressor, but let’s see what this product can do.

It worked right out of the box. I started airbrushing lightly at 10 PSI and it was very dazzling. The tank will hold about for 30 seconds of air before the compressor kicks on and run for 10 seconds before it kicks off. Then I tried painting bigger items and it worked just fine, with an even pressure.

A smaller issue would be the treaded nipple for the hose connection is small for Paasche hoses, but this is easily solved with the right adapter. Got to love those adapters, they solve everything!

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It is one awesome compressor that can be used continuously and it doesn’t get hot. I used it for 6 hours at 25 to 30 PSI and it just got a little warm. Now, that’s something I appreciate!


It has a 5-year warranty, but in my opinion, I think it would last longer. I also have to say that the noise level is amazing, I mean it’s like there’s no noise at all! Definitely a family and neighbors’ friendly compressor.

Master has managed to amaze me again. The compressor is reliable, well built and has quiet operation. I am still pleased with the results that it has given at low and high PSI. Just adjust you PSI on the regulator, get an airbrush and start working. A product highly recommended by many, not just me. Become a part of our Master family, meetings are on Sundays, right after church.

To conclude

Master Airbrush 1/4 hp Twin Cylinder Piston Air Compressor is a serious airbrush compressor that has the ability to run long without overheating. It is reliable, suited for airbrush studios and workshops. This combination of design and technology is something that really deserves your full attention. So, you really don’t have to hesitate any longer, this is a real catch. 

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