Iwata HP C Airbrush with Fusion Compressor ISF 2000 (Special Combo Pack) Review

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On June 27, 2014
Last modified:March 2, 2015


Quiet compressor, compact and portable.

The Iwata company is dedicated to providing products that deliver breathtaking control, and peerless performance across numerous applications. Iwata carries a full line of airbrushes and compressors that provide the best results possible for professional artists, all at a price that cannot be beat.

iwata ISF 2000
Iwata HP C Airbrush with Fusion Compressor ISF 2000

Iwata HP C Airbrush with Fusion Compressor (Special Combo Pack)

The Iwata HP C airbrush and fusion compressor combo pack is designed to provide ultimate performance with an airbrush that does it all.  The airbrush is designed to provide efficiency in application, while allowing for a wide range of medium use.  The unit is fully adjustable, and includes plenty of new features that a true professional will love.  Manufactured in Portland, Oregon, this combo pack is available all over the world through carefully selected dealers.


What’s in the Box

This Iwata combo pack includes a Fusion 2000 air compressor, the HP C high performance airbrush, and a durable 6-foot polyurethane coiled air hose.



This Iwata combo pack provides many features designed to address the professional airbrush artist’s needs, including:

  • HP C Airbrush with dual purpose cutaway handle
  • Built in presets
  • PTFE needle
  • Tapered, gravity feed medium cup
  • 1/8 HP compressor with up to 32 PSI
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air outlet flow valve
  • Fully enclosed in protective all metal case

This Iwata combo pack comes with everything needed for high performance results, all in a convenient 12x10x8 inch package that only weights 9 pounds.  This results in an easy to use design that is fully portable to meet any needs.  The HP C airbrush is designed with a larger cup size and .3mm needle for greater compatibility with a wide range of paints and media.  The airflow adjustments on the compressor allow for a wide range of painting control, allowing for the finest lines, stippling, and full coverage backgrounds.  The gravity feed cup is positioned with the shortest passageway possible to provide fast trigger response, making this one of the fastest airbrushes currently available.  The oil-less compressor also provides maintenance free use, with a regulator to ensure proper airflow throughout your spraying session with up to 32 PSI depending on the settings chosen.  The entire unit also operates with a quiet 52 decibel operation when in use.

Motor 1/8 HP AC
Pressure 32 psi
Displacement 0.64 cfm
Noise level  52 Db
Weight 11 pounds
Size 12 x 10 x 8 inches


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Customer Reviews

Iwata is known for providing innovative, high quality airbrushes and compressors, and the Iwata HP C Airbrush with Fusion Compressor Combo Pack lives up to these claims.  Users find that this unit provides all the features needed for professional application, yet is easy enough for even novice airbrush artists.  Users note that the system is durable, and made of high quality materials that live up to their claims.  The adjustable features and auto shutoff capabilities provide consistent results, and a compressor that provides maintenance free long-term use.



The Iwata HP C Airbrush with Fusion Compressor Combo Pack provides a great user experience for experienced and novice users.  The features and innovative design allow for precise control over airflow, while the PTFE needle and larger gravity feed cup ensure compatibility with a wide range of airbrush mediums.  This combination allows this combo pack to be useful in nearly any airbrush required situation, while the compactness and innovative design allow for easy portability.  Iwata is known for their innovation, quality, and performance, and these design features shine through perfectly with this compressor and airbrush combo.  If you need a setup that will work for professional and novice use, this is a great all in one option.

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