Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush with Ninja Jet Compressor (bundle) Review

The Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush with Ninja Jet Compressor is make a match made in Heaven.

The Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse is a high-detail, multi-purpose airbrush that covers a wide range of uses. It can be used at low pressures for make-up, body art, cake decorating, art, crafts and model painting.

It compliments greatly the Iwata Ninja Jet Compressor, made for mobile and occasional usage by artists and hobbyists. This elegant compressor gives the Eclipse airbrush a steady and even airflow and gets the work done in no time and with great precision.

Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush with Ninja Jet Compressor photo
Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush with Ninja Jet Compressor

What’s in the box?

In this dual pack you will find the Iwata Eclipse (ECL 4500) HP-CS Large Gravity Feed .35mm Airbrush and the IS-35 Ninja Jet Studio Series Compressor.

Both packed and ready for work right out of the box. Attach the airbrush and get to work in no time.

Iwata ECL 4500: Dimensions and Features

The Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush has the dimensions of 10 × 7 × 5 inches and weighs only 2 pounds (900 grams).

The Iwata Ninja Jet Compressor has the dimensions of L 18 x W 16 x H 11 cm (approximately including handle and fittings) and weighs 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms).

Total weight of this winning combo is 8 pounds which is very light weight and easy to carry around.

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The airbrush itself is an all-purpose one. And the Eclipse series has established a new basis for excellence in this field. It is a gravity-feed airbrush that has a unique 0.35 mm needle and nozzle combination.

In addition,

it has a high paint flow capacity and provides you with fine and even spraying. A rather generous 1/3 oz sized cup is made with a new funnel shape.

If you wonder why is this important, you will realize by yourself when you start cleaning. It’s very easy to clean up and also gives an efficient paint flow.

Of course, there’s more

This airbrush is combined with a perfect little companion the Ninja Jet compressor. This compressor is and oil-less one which means low maintenance – a dream come true for every airbrush artist out there.

It has the precious pressure adjustment knob which gives you total control of the airflow. And who doesn’t like to be in control?! The working pressure is from 0 to 18 PSI, which compliments the airbrush perfectly.

Being that this compressor is manly for small jobs, have in mind that the duty cycle is 30 minutes of continuous use. Then, let it have a short break and you take one as well. Noise level is estimated between 55 to 57 decibels, which is fairly quiet.

User Review

After a long period of usage, I decided to throw away my old Iwata airbrush and get a new one. I really liked the Iwata Eclipse model but thought it’s a bit pricey.

Then I accidentally ran into this great Amazon offer: The Eclipse airbrush and the Ninja Jet compressor for…

less than 300 bucks!

I mean sold separately they are way more expensive. I didn’t need a compressor, but having one to spare isn’t so bad. I said to myself, why not, and clicked buy now!

I ripped off the box when the package came and attached the airbrush to the compressor. Even tough I have my compressors but I was eager to see how this one works. It’s like when you have a toy, and your friend has the same one, but you still want to try his toy.

I hope some of you guys understand me. Otherwise, I sound a bit crazy. Anyhow, the compressor and the airbrush worked perfectly right out of the box. A good combo that allows precise application.

Bookmark this review for later.

I turned it off in the middle of work, since my sister called on the phone. After listening to her problems and complaints about her husband and kids, I turned the compressor on again, but nothing happened. For a second there, I thought I was tricked, but luckily it turned on after a couple of seconds. Then I remembered that some Iwata products can do this and that it isn’t such a big deal. I just have stop answering calls while I am working.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it’s quiet. I mean a slight humming isn’t noise, at least for me.

Great combo: good price, silent operation, reliable unit. If this is your holy trinity, then no need to look further. 

To conclude

With the Iwata ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush and Ninja Jet Compressor you have a perfect match to do the job quickly and diligently. This is actually a great offer with a good price, especially if you need an airbrush and a compressor.

I hope this review made you a step closer to your decision, if not I am sure you will find your perfect airbrushing system on our website soon.

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