5 airbrush makeup problems and solutions

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On November 13, 2018
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This article will present the most common airbrush makeup problems as well as the solutions.

Not everything can work like a charm, this goes for airbrush makeup also. You chose and bought the kit and everything works just fine, until it doesn’t. This article will present the most common airbrush makeup problems as well as the solutions.

Have in mind that the most airbrush problems occur due to the lack of regular and thorough cleaning of the airbrush.

PROBLEM 1. Grainy or textured spray

  • This could happen as a result of low air pressure, so increase it right away!
  • It could also occur if there is dried makeup on the end of the needle, as well as if the airbrush nozzle is dirty. So, the solution is simple: just remove, clean and lube (optional) the needle and the nozzle.
  • Another reason for this could easily be the very makeup it. It could be too thick. So, shake the bottle thoroughly before usage.

PROBLEM 2. Spray not shutting down

  • When this happens, it is usually followed by panic. But, don’t worry! The solution is here.
  • The nozzle could be damaged or clogged. So, remove and clean the nozzle, if needed replace it.
  • The needle could be stuck or dirty. Remove it, clean it, lube it.
  • The problem could be in the sticky trigger also. Therefore, lube the trigger and the air valve packing.
  • Needle not seating properly in the nozzle. Push the needle hard until it is comfortably set in the nozzle and then tighten the needle chucking nut.

PROBLEM 3. Double lines or heavy on one side

  • The problem usually lies in the nozzle tip that could potentially be bent or split. If that is the case, remove and replace it. If it is bent, you always have the option of straightening it.
  • Nozzle tip is not centered on the tip head. In this case, the airbrush tip head threads and head thread assembly need to be removed and cleaned.
  • Another nozzle problem is that it could simply be dirty. So, remove it, clean it.
  • And if the problem is in the needle due to dried makeup, also remove it, clean it.

PROBLEM  4. Makeup blobs

  • If makeup blobs appear at the beginning of a stroke that means that you might be spraying makeup before moving your hand. The solution is simple, your hand needs to be in motion when you trigger the makeup flow.
  • If the makeup blobs appear at the end of a stoke that means that you might stopped the airbrush movement before you shut off the makeup flow. Move your hand all the way until after the trigger is released and the makeup flow is shut off.

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PROBLEM 5. Blotchy, heavy and uneven coverage

  • The first reason for this problem could be high airflow therefore reduce the airflow setting immediately.
  • It can also happen if you are holding the airbrush too close to the face. The optimal distance is 6 to 8 inches away from the face, this will prevent blotchiness from happening.
  • Another reason is pulling the trigger too far back, which leads to a large amount of makeup to flow. Pulling it past the midpoint will result in blotchy, heavy and uneven coverage.  So, pull the trigger about 1/3 to ½ way back in order to get a soft and light feathered spray.

5 Most common mistakes when applying airbrush makeup:

Aibrush cleaning
Aibrush cleaning

1. NOT CLEANING the airbrush

Remember that every airbrush requires of you to clean it after each application. This way you can prolong the lifespan of your airbrush and you won’t be needing a new one any time soon.


Sometimes we can get carried away and just do not pay attention of what we are doing. This could easily lead to the application of too much product, which is completely unnecessary and could lead to potential makeup failures.

Airbrush gun held correctly
Airbrush gun held correctly


Be careful and hold you airbrush correctly. Not holding the airbrush correctly while applying the makeup could lead to dropping of the airbrush and making a mess out of your face and room.


Please take your time when you apply airbrush makeup. Quick application could lead to uneven makeup on your face.


When applying airbrush makeup, have in mind that your hand needs to be in constant motion. Otherwise, it could cause blotchiness.

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